About Us


Our Mission:
The mission of Southwest Madison Community Organizers, abbreviated SWMCO, is: To empower people by organizing and supporting actions that create and sustain equitable, peaceful, and welcoming neighborhoods by:
• Assisting in the education of the youth of the neighborhood;
• Assisting residents in attaining productive employment;
• Standing united against violence, criminal gangs and juvenile delinquency;
• Maintaining and increasing the value of the housing stock and commercial properties;
• Assisting in the coordination of services provided to southwest Madison by the various
government, not-for-profit entities, churches and schools; and,
• Defending the human and civil rights of all residents.

Our Structure:
We became a Wisconsin corporation in December 2013. We have approved bylaws and are in the process of filing for non-profit 501(c)(3) status with the U. S. Internal Revenue Service. Our community organizing activities are conducted by members of the SWMCO Action Committee. SWMCO is managed by the SWMCO Board of Directors in consultation with the SWMCO Action Committee. The Directors of the initial Board will be selected on March 29, 2014.

All interested individuals are welcome. Our goal is to be diverse in race, gender, and age groups (reflective of the community-at-large). If a group is underrepresented, participants will recruit individuals from that group.

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