Active Work Groups


Many of our projects are carried out by work groups composed of southwest Madison community members with members of Southwest Madison Community Organizers acting as facilitators or in collaboration with local neighborhood associations and a variety of other organizations. Often, a work group is started  in response to grassroots ideas from community members in or near the areas where our efforts are focused.

Anti-Violence Work Group
Investigating approaches to dealing with violence of all forms in SW Madison. Currently studying the Forced Deterrence Program of the Madison Police Department, a program based on the well-known High Point program used in a number of cities.

Bylaws Work Group
Developing bylaws for the Southwest Madison Community Organizers (SWMCO). As of December 13, 2013, SWMCO is a Wisconsin non-profit corporation. This work group is developing the bylaws for the operation of SWMCO and preparing its application for 501(c)(3) federal non-profit status. When this status is obtained, it will enable SWMCO to
(1) apply directly for funding from agencies requiring such status, (2) accept tax-deductible donations, (3) and act as a fiscal agent for other qualifying organizations without formal 501(c)(3) status.

Collaboration Work Group
The objective of this work group is to encourage collaboration of effort between the various organizations delivering services to Southwest Madison. It is currently planning a one-half day Meet-Up tentatively scheduled for late March/early April 2014 to initiate conversations among the organizations.

Meadowood Economic Development Work Group
Issues: Bringing businesses to Meadowood, promoting job opportunities.
Rachel Howard, 608-320-6432
Charly Jordan, 608-695-2715

Meadowood Housing Work Group
Issues: Currently developing rapid response team to crises that occur (e.g. fires that displace residents).
Sheray Wallace,, 276-7708
John Wroten,, 516-5332

Meadowood Safety Work Group
Issues: Developing strategies to promote and discuss issues of personal safety in Meadowood.
Sheray Wallace,, 276-7708
John Wroten,, 516-5332

Meadowood Community Supper Work Group
Members develop, plan and participate in Meadowood’s community suppers/picnics throughout the year. Plan meals and activities to bring neighbors together for fun, fellowship and provide opportunities to develop neighborhood action plans.
Aislynn Miller,, 442-8624
Ray McKnight,,  906-1918
Sherri Swartz,, 273-1743

Meadowood Beautification/Front Yard Gardens Work Group
Group works to maintain and develop gardens to provide food and beauty on Russett Road.
Contact:  Ray McKnight,, 906-1918

Theresa Terrace Neighborhood Center Work Group Group working development of programming for the Center, and in providing ongoing input and recruitment of volunteer help in collaboration with an active programming agency.

SWMCO Resource/Information System Development Work Group
Group investigating an information hub for SWMCO to connect residents of SW Madison with vital and useful information including specific resources, local information archives, event information, needs assessment tools, project logs, and documented success stories/models.
Contact: Marian Slaughter,, 260-0272

Tech Work Group: Group managing the policies, development and operation of the SWMCO website,
Contact: Chuck Kime,, 274-1402

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